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David Virgin is joined by Dan Rumour of Sekret Sekret (and later The Cruel Sea) in many of the songs on the “No Fun Sessions”, listen out for his unique guitar sound.

Rohan C



New FREE Album, “Dublin 7” available now, click here to download the entire “Dublin 7 album for FREE.


Click here to go to David Virgin’s Free Music Downloads to listen to and download individual tracks.

hj Extemporaneous Music proudly presents the release of David Virgin’s free album, “Dublin 7”. Take a special journey through this most recent of David Virgin’s studio recordings recorded at the “Great Wall Of Sound” studio, Dublin, 2005/2006. Nine songs chosen by the old master for the times they were written. The songs were composed over a 26 year period from 1980 to 2006. The oldest of the songs, ‘Falling'(1980) was part of David’s old band Sekret Sekret’s set list but was never recorded by the band. The newest song, ‘The Truth(is gonna kill you)’ was penned in 2006. To further the theme of time and age the 44 year old David Virgin only sings on the recordings and leaves all of the instrumental playing to the 19 year old Rohan, bringing an immediacy to the overall sound. Speaking of sound…well… psychadelic, country, punk, pop anyone?

Credits: Recorded, produced and mastered at “Great Wall Of Sound Studios” Dublin, Ireland 2005/2006. Engineered by Rohan. Produced by David Virgin and Rohan. Mastered by David Virgin. All words and music written by David Virgin. Instruments played by Rohan, Except piano on “Beautiful Plastic” played by Clare Picasso.

VIRGIN & RUMOUR: 2004 ALBUM, OUT on MGM distribution

An album for everyone.

The design is not to hit the listener over the head with riffs and slogans.It cannot be used chauvinistically by one group against another.It is just there, like so many other things that are just there it’s the little black dress, the after dinner mint, the black monkey.

Dan Rumour’s guitar playing is present, audible and real. Since the age of 4 when his Irish granny taught him the ukelele, he’s known nothing else and no other joy. He is Johnny B Goode, he is the poor country boy, born in 1957. He was made by radio from a dirt floor, shot gun shack.

This recording says all this and more. David Virgin’s lyrics can only come from Dublin, North Dublin and nowhere else, in 60’s Ireland, words were everything. There, words turn nothing into something, cover into shelter, words can make love out of indifference, hate into reflection.

Virgin and Rumour bound by common purpose of their jealous love of song art, stand together once again.